Pawbol Sp z o.o.
Manufacturer of Electrotechnical Equipment

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Prizes and distinctions of the Pawbol Sp z o.o [LTD.]

Diamonds of Forbes 2014 for Pawbol Sp z o.o

Pawbol Sp. z o. o. has been awarded FORBES DIAMONDS 2014, ranking organized by Business Magazine FORBES. This prize is awarded to companies, which have rapidly increased its value in the past three years.

The list of Forbes Diamonds 2014 has been developed on the basis of the Swiss method of valuation of companies, taking into account the financial results and the value of the assets.  For the valuation of Forbes Diamonds 2014, data from the years 2010 – 2012 was used, which included:

  • the level of sales
  • net profit
  • value of fixed assets
  • stock value
  • debt value
  • investment expenditure value.

Forbes magazine is the largest Polish magazine addressed to business and senior managers. First published in Poland on December 16, 2004 by Axel Springer Poland. It describes the business strategies and the most important economic events in Poland and all over the world. Additionally, it prepares periodic rankings, including the 100 richest Poles, and others.

The magazine provides expert information on the financial markets, shows and explains the phenomena taking place in the business world, and is a source of inspiring knowledge that helps you achieve professional goals. Economic events and companies strategies described in the journal are connected with the current business reality and closely associated with the people who comprise the company. Charts, tables and reports prepared by the editorial staff of the magazine provide an excellent platform for presenting the Polish business in a concise and structured way.

FORBES Diamond is a great honor for Pawbol Sp. z o. o. because of the number of companies qualified for the list of winners and independence of the ranking. Primarily, Forbes award confirms the rapid growth of the company.


Pawbol Sp. z o. o. awarded the prestigious Business Gazelle 2013!

Business Gazelle is the ranking of the fastest-growing small and medium-sized businesses. The first edition of the ranking took place in 2000. Gazelle is a small or medium size company, which, thanks to its dynamic development can deal with larger and much stronger competitors.

Place of the company in the ranking list is determined by the turnover increase, achieved within three tested years, expressed in percentage. Coface Poland - commercial information agency, the author of the ranking, is responsible for verifying the financial data of reported companies.

Business Gazelle ranking is compiled every year by the economic journals belonging to the Swedish group - Bonnier Press Group. In addition to the “Puls Biznesu" homologous reports are developed by its sister newspapers in Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Slovenia. Selection criteria of the Gazelles in different countries are based on local economic conditions, but the goal is the same everywhere: to promote small and medium enterprises.

The official presentation of diplomas and statuettes for companies in the province of Malopolska, was held on the 19th February 2014 at the Aviation Museum in Krakow during the official gala ceremony.

We hope that the independent Business Gazelle award for Pawbol Sp. z o. o. will consolidate the company's image as a reliable, and guarantee the highest quality as a manufacturer of electro-installation equipment.

Award for Pawbol Sp. z o. o. in the Business Leader of Western Malopolska 2013

Pawbol Sp. z o. o.  featured in Business Leader in Western Malopolska 2013 competition! 


Business Leader of the Western Malopolska is a competition organized by the Business Centre of The Western Malopolska Sp. z o. o., the Marshal Office of the Malopolska Province, District of Chrzanów, Olkusz, Oświęcim, Wadowice and Bank Pekao S.A. The aim of the competition is to award the best businesses contributing to the economic development of Western Malopolska.

The jury of competition awarded the participants in three categories: tourism, large companies, medium and micro-enterprises. Pawbol Sp. z o. o., which has been on the Malopolska market for 25 years, received the award in the category "Small and Medium Enterprises".



Certificate of Business Credibility

Pawbol Sp. z o. o. received another prestigious award - Certificate of Business Credibility.

This title is awarded to companies with the highest stability rating according to the Bisnode Polska database.

Financial data of awarded companies guarantee the high level of profitability, liquidity and credibility. Moreover,  their level of debt and recorded overdue payments is negligible.

The certificate is a prestigious award that can only be acquired by companies that meet strict criteria. Certificate of Business Credibility guarantees that its owner is a reliable business partner with whom cooperation is profitable.

Commendation awarded by Bisnode in cooperation with Bisnode D & B Poland, is recognized around the world and contributes to the market attractiveness of the company.



Dynamic Company 2012 Certification

Pawbol Sp. z o. o. received the Certificate of Dynamic Company, 2012.

The prize is awarded by HBI Poland for the fastest growing companies on the Polish market. 

The award is a testimonial for the rapid development of the company and the right business decisions.

Certificate of Dynamic Company is also a proof of the growing market position of the company, confirming the opinion of a robust and prospective business partner. Certificate is awarded on the basis of proprietary algorithm HBI calculating growth of the company in the last three years of operation. These data are further verified by the largest business intelligence - Dun & Bradstreet.


Pawbol Sp. z o. o. The Reliable Company

Pawbol Sp. z o. o. is a licensed user of the system of the National Debt Register Economic Information Bureau.

Cooperation with the National Debt Register improves liquidity of the Polish enterprises and promotes ethical business conduct.