Pawbol Sp z o.o.
Manufacturer of Electrotechnical Equipment

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Lightning installation - R group products

Pawbol Sp z o.o. has offered a wide range of lightning protection components divided into subgroups:

  • Connectors (arterial, gutter, cross, checking)
  • Handles (tile, roof, ridge tile, tension, on the plate, universal)
  • Grounding
  • Lightning Masts
  • Lightning Cans
  • Accessories for lightning installation

Elements of lightning protection offered by Pawbol Sp z o.o. are available in galvanized version. This guarantees the anti-corrosion coating that is resistant to mechanical damage, abrasion, erosion, impact and has very good adhesion to the substrate.

Fire zinc coating on the elements of the lightning protection system protects the steel for many years. These items do not require maintenance because zinc is itself oxidized, protecting the proper material - steel.

All elements of the lightning protection system available from Pawbol Sp z o.o. are comply with the requirements of the standards EN 62305-1, EN 62305-3, EN 50164-1 and EN 50164-2.


Download Product Catalogue of R category PDF or ZIP

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