Orły Wprost

We are honored to announce that yesterday we received another prestigious award granted to companies making a special contribution to the development of the economy, region and country. The list of “Wprost Eagles” was prepared jointly by the editorial team and the Bisnode business intelligence agency. Financial results for the years 2012-2014 were taken into account, and the winners were selected in two groups: companies with the highest average net profits and companies with the highest increase in financial result.

The winners of the Orły Wprost award are:

  • Enterprises that have achieved the highest average net profit over the last three years.
  • Companies that achieved the highest average percentage increase in net profit over the last three years. This allows us to reward the most profitable companies and those that are most dynamically increasing their profits.
    Additional conditions that must be met by companies included in the list:
    • no losses
    • clean account in databases of unreliable payers (debtors)
    • adequate profitability.
  • Entrepreneurs who can boast of contributions to their small homeland.
  • Local government officials who particularly contribute to the development and serve local communities.
  • Personalities of the region, figures who are ambassadors of the region and whose achievements go beyond its borders

The award is another distinction for the company

The awards gala took place on June 27, 2016 in Krakow