Personal data processing

1. The administrator of your personal data is Pawbol S.A. based in Andrychów, ul. Batorego 37 A, entered intoKRS 0001014030, NIP: 551-23-84-957 and REGON: 356891977

2. The processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the principles set out in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95 /46/EC.

3. You can contact the Administrator by phone: 338759506 or by writing to:

4. Providing personal data is voluntary and their processing takes place:

  • 1. In order to implement legal provisions,
  • 2. In order to present the offer, establish, shape the content, implement and settle the contract
  • 3. For the purposes of the Administrator’s promotional and commercial activities.

5. The legal basis for the processing of personal data in the case referred to in paragraph:

  • 1. 4 point 1 is the statutory authorization to process data necessary for lawful activities;
  • 2. 4 point 2 is the statutory authorization to process data necessary to perform the contract or take steps before concluding the contract;
  • 3. 4 point 3 contractual authorization to process personal data if it is necessary to fulfill legally justified purposes pursued by the Administrator or there is informed consent of the system user.

6. Personal data collected by the Administrator may also be made available:

  • 1. Relevant state authorities at their request pursuant to relevant legal provisions;
  • 2. Other persons and entities – in cases provided for by law.
  • 3. Subcontractors

7. The Administrator ensures appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data provided by users, in particular preventing access to them by third parties or their processing in violation of the law, preventing data loss, damage or destruction.

8. In the places intended for providing data, the Service Recipient expresses informed and voluntary consent to the processing of his/her data indicated above for the purposes of the Administrator’s activities specified above.

9. The Administrator may process the following personal data necessary to establish, shape the content, change or terminate the legal relationship between them:

  • 1. names and surnames,
  • 2. residential addresses,
  • 3. correspondence addresses,
  • 4. places of employment,
  • 5. e-mail addresses,
  • 6. phones,

10. In order to perform contracts or perform other legal transactions with the data subject, the Administrator may process other data necessary due to the nature of the service provided or the method of its settlement.

11. The Administrator distinguishes and marks the data referred to above as data whose provision is necessary to provide the service. The administrator may refuse to provide the service due to failure to provide data when the processing of such data is necessary.

12. The Administrator may process, with the consent of the data subject and for the purposes specified in point 10, other data that is not necessary to provide the service.
13. Data subjects have the right

  • 1. access to your personal data,
  • 2. supplementing and updating the content of the data,
  • 3. request a temporary or permanent suspension of the processing of personal data or their deletion, if they turn out to be incomplete, outdated, false or collected in violation of the law,
  • 4. object to the processing of their personal data – in cases provided for by law – and the right to request their removal when they become unnecessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected,
  • 5. submit a complaint about our data processing to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office,
  • 6. to transfer your data.

14. In order to implement point 13, please contact the Administrator, including in the manner specified in point 3.

15. The data will be processed until the consent is withdrawn (marketing purposes), or in the case of a contract, until its termination and expiry of the warranty or guarantee period (if applicable) if other regulations do not require their further processing (including those regarding keeping business books or storing employee documentation).

16. After the end of cooperation, the Administrator, on the terms specified above, may only process data that is:

  • 1. Necessary to settle the service and pursue claims for payment for using the service,
  • 2. Necessary for the purposes of advertising, market research and the behavior and preferences of service recipients with the purpose of using the results of this research for the purposes of improving the quality of services provided by the Administrator, with the consent of the data subject,
  • 3. Allowed for processing under separate acts or contracts.

Click – download PBDO_Zal 10 – Notification of the exercise of rights from scope of Personal Data