Information for customers of Pawbol S.A. regarding the rates of waste management costs (KGO), which are a component of the price of equipment included in the commercial offer, intended for households, calculated on the basis of the weight of the equipment put on sale.


Act of September 11, 2015 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1688).
Pawbol Sp. z o. o. is entered in the register of the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection (GIEP) under the numberE0007897WBW,and has an Agreement concluded with the Recovery Organization AURAEKO Agencja Odzysku Sprztu Elektrycznych S.A. in Warsaw and AURAEKO Baterpak Agencja Odzysku Opakowania S.A., which took over the obligations arising from the above-mentioned act from the company.

Waste management costs include the costs of collection, processing, recycling, or recovery and disposal processes other than recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment.

Unit KGO rates for electrical and electronic equipment will not be included in VAT invoices, but are included in the annex to this letter and will be updated on an ongoing basis, according to changes in the commercial offer. An always up-to-date list will be published, among others: on the website at

(Download the current list of KGO rates for products from the Pawbol S.A. offer) – printable version