The Pawbol company has once again won the FORBES DIAMENTS ranking organized by the FORBES business monthly. This distinction is awarded to companies that have most dynamically increased their value in the last three years.

The Forbes Diamonds list was developed on the basis of the Swiss method of valuing companies, taking into account financial results and the value of assets. The following data was used to value Forbes Diamonds:

  • sales level,
  • net profit,
  • value of fixed assets,
  • stocks,
  • receivables,
  • and investment expenditure.

FORBES monthly is the largest magazine in Poland addressed to businessmen and senior managers, which is the Polish edition of the international monthly published by Axel Springer Polska. In Poland, the magazine has been published since December 16, 2004. It describes the most important economic events in the country and around the world as well as business strategies. It periodically prepares rankings, including the 100 richest Poles and others.

The magazine provides professional information about financial markets, presents and explains phenomena taking place in the business world, and is a source of inspiring knowledge that helps achieve professional goals. The economic events and company strategies described in the magazine are not detached from current reality and are closely related to the people who create the companies. Rankings, lists and reports prepared by the monthly editorial team are products of the highest quality. They constitute an excellent platform for presenting Polish business in a synthetic and systematic way.

FORBES DIAMOND is a huge distinction for Pawbol, due to the number of companies qualified to the list of winners and the independence of the ranking, confirming the constant and rapid development of the company.

The awards gala took place on April 20, 2016 in Krakow.